A bit about Carl

Carl Key, author-composer and DJ is of Italian and Spanish origin and presently lives in Switzerland. A born musician, Carl first discovers music very young, learning to play the accordion at the age of six. Later, he turns to piano and guitar and obtains a music conservatory diploma and gradually becomes more and more interested in composition.

In 2005 he creates Destination 01 an innovative music duo with Martial White. Destination 01 produces their first electro-house album and give a number of live concerts in different clubs around Switzerland. Several songs of their first album are aired on the radio. At this time Carl Key is composing new songs and playing sets in many different clubs.

He joins Map Dance Records, Mr. Mikesí house label with whom he is now releasing three exciting new tracks (Soulfull House with vocals). At the same time, he produces a more progressive sound and his 1st track in that style is "Play that Song for me", released on Gaga Records and available on iTunes.

2009 will be the year of obsessive and powerfull productions... Just started with "Beat of Life", a brand new track presented at the Miami WMC in March 2009.